The Belém Cultural Centre offers its South Garage in Lisbon as a new place for exhibitions related to architecture. The garage space, adapted to exhibition room, presents itself as wide space without barriers – a major container stripped. The exhibition ‘Africa – Visions of Urbanization Colonial Office’, was floating in its spatial extension, through an exhibition project of great clarity and economy. Models, drawings and photographs interact with visitors, inviting to update the imaginary of the former Portuguese Africa in the final period of colonization (1944-1974), by the hand of architects and engineers, more or less indifferent to the ideological inclination of this architecture and these ‘visions’.
The cadence of the projects exposed didn’t followed the boundaries of the current five African countries that share the same colonial past with Portugal – Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome and Principe, Angola and Mozambique. In this sense emerges the totalizing idea thought from Lisbon the wide colonial territory.  
The exhibition project was built based on a matrix ambiguity between the rate of expression of the system architecture and the aesthetic imaginary that now is reinterprets facing a contemporaneity more and more reconciled with the past.

Promotor Centro Cultural, de Belém
Curador Ana Vaz Milheiro
Architecture Paulo Tormenta Pinto
Collaboration Rosa Maria Bastos, Joana Moreira
Design Vivóeusébio
3D Simulation David Martins, Inês Amaro, Jorge Silva, Márcio Bonifácio, Mariana Brandão, Nuno Roque
Consultant Miguel Vilar / BETAR
Project 2013
Location Lisbon
Photography João Carmo Simões