The project results from a public competition, integrated in the Casas do Património program (Houses of Heritage), lauched by Porto municipality through Domussocial, EM. The area is located in Miragaia parish, close to the area delimited by UNESCO as Humanity Heritage in Porto city center. The plot is open to the Douro river, featuring the façade of the city near the old Customs building. Due to its location and impact in the city elevation, the project was valued by the Culture Regional directorate of North (DGPC).
The program foresaw the rehabilitation and preservation of the existent building in the center of the intervention area, which integrated remains of the 16th Century, as well as the volumetric reconstruction of the units adjacent in ruins.
The operation consists in eight dwellings design, with one single room, based on duplex typology. The resulting expression is characterized by tectonic harmonization, between the granitic masonry, and the matrix of the new buildings based in a grid of stone elements and smooth plaster.


Promotor Domussocial, E.M.
Architecture Paulo Tormenta Pinto
Collaborators Rosa Maria Bastos, João Maria Costa
Hydraulic Andreia Cardoso / BETAR, Lda
Structures Miguel Villar / BETAR, Lda
AVAC Galvão Teles
Acoustic Palma Ruivo
Gas Augusto Teixeira
Electricity and Communication Rúben Sobral
Project/Construction 2017 / ___
Construction company DAPE, Lda.
Building Supervision VHM, Lda Location Porto
Photography Nuno Almendra