The House of the Island of Leiria is settled in an area delimited by the course of Liz river. The plot is located close to the entrance of Cortes parish, being its access done by a bridge.
An agriculture installation exists now in the site. The House of the Island will use this base as deploy area (8,00x600m).
The new building will be coated by wood, with a roof in natural zinc.
At the ground level, the small dimension of the house is opposed by a geometry of diagonals which converges to the corners where the windows are located. In the superior level, windows are designed in the main axis, providing stable frames with the surrounding landscape.
From the functional point of view, the house will have a simple organization. A wide multifunctional living will occupy the ground level, from where two stair cases are launched to access the two rooms, located in the level above, both served by independents bathrooms.
The terrain that surrounds the house will have a reduced intervention, maintaining all its vegetation, which will be combined with stilting paths and resting areas.

Architecture Paulo Tormenta Pinto e Rosa Maria Bastos
Collaboration João Maria Costa
Structures and Specialities Miguel Villar/BETAR, Lda
Photography Nuno Almendra