The House of the Island is settled in an area set out by the course of Liz River. The plot is located close to the entrance of Cortes parish. The access to island is done by a bridge. The venue integrates an agricultural facility, which is the onliest existent building in the terrain. The limits of this construction were used as base to deploy the new house, which will be wood coated, with the roof in natural zinc.
At the ground level, the small dimension of the house is countered by a geometry of diagonals, which converges to the corner’s windows, extending space beyond its limits. From this living room, two staircases connect directly to the bedrooms, at the superior level.
The bucolic atmosphere of the island, with its dense vegetation, will involve the house and will be frame pictorially inside of it.

Architecture Paulo Tormenta Pinto e Rosa Maria Bastos
Collaboration João Maria Costa
Structures and Specialities Miguel Villar/BETAR, Lda
Photography Nuno Almendra