D•A [Domitianus•Arquitetura, Lda] is an architecture office, founded in 2004, based in Lisbon.

With an existence of plus than decade and a half, D•A operates contractually with public and private entities, developing projects of architecture, conservation and restoration, urbanism and public space. The work done by D•A has been awarded and distinguished, being often published in books and architectural magazines.

This site presents a selection of projects and buildings, which in its set contributed to clarify the conceptual line followed by D•A. Projects of several scales explore pragmatic itineraries, based on detailed solutions and space quality, articulating architectonic culture with the spirit of each place.

D•A consider the influence of the debate promoted in Portugal during the last quarter of the 20th Century, and the social awareness which in that moment was consolidated among the architects as support of a humanist discourse, integrator, in close articulation with the territory and the environment.  In D•A, we look each project as a translation of that row, through a rigor process, aware that quality of works is consummated in its relationship with time.

Paulo Tormenta Pinto
Rosa Maria Bastos

Collaborators since 2004 – Andreia Morais, Nuno Monteiro, Luís Miranda e Rodolfo Gomes, Tânia Campos, Gonçalo Lencastre, Zélia Alves, Ivone Gonçalves, Pedro Baptista Coelho, Gonçalo Saldanha, Hugo Oliveira, David Martins, Inês Amaro, Jorge Silva, Márcio Bonifácio, Mariana Brandão, Nuno Roque, Joana Moreira, João Maria Costa, Bruna Moreira.

Rua da Esperança nº 87, 1º
1200-675 LISBOA

T +351 213 908 131



Teotónio Pereira Award, 2016 (Honourable Mention)
Renovation of the 10 to 13 Blocks of Lagarteiro Neighborhood, Porto

Habitar Portugal 2012-2014
Urban Renovation and Public Space Improvement of Lagarteiro Neighborhood, 7,4 ha, Porto

International Public Competition Organized by OA, 2015 (3º Prize)
Project of Revitalization of the Square 2 de maio,Viseu

Habitar Portugal 2009-2011
Mortuary Chaples of the Santos-o-Velho Church, Lisbon

International Public Competition Organized by OA, 2013 (Honourable Mention)
Project of Social Housing to the Boavista Neighborhood Masonry Zone, Lisbon

IHRU Award 2012, Renovation and Public Space Improvement
Renovation of Lagarteiro Neighborhood, Porto

IHRU Award 2012, Building Renovation (Honourable Mention)
House in Rua Humberto Sousa, 42, Montijo

INH Award 2001, Municipality Promotion/IPSS (exaequo)
Social Housing in Travessa Sargento Abílio (91 dwellings), Lisbon

International Public Competition Organized by OA, 1998 (Honourable Mention)
Enlargement of Cine Teatro João Mota, Sesimbra