Assistência Paroquial de Santos-o-Velho (APSOV) is a private charitable organization (IPSS), acting in Lisbon since 1932. The Institution has been devoted, throughout its almost 90 years, at providing social support for elderly and children. With the new building, the nonagenarian institution intends to improve and expand its activities close to the community.
The program of the new social facility comprises the valences of Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary School and Day Care Centre.
The new building’s plot results from the municipal cession of the former public washer of Madragoa, currently without use. The area, located in the old Madragoa’s neighborhood border, has a symbolic meaning for the old inhabitants, because it was in the past a gathering place for people who worked in the venue. The APSOV’s social center aimed at devolving the space to the community as an extension of the neighborhood.
From the architectural point of view, the project results from the relationship between a horizontal volume bordering the limits of the block, and a vertical body ceramic tile coated. The composition suggests an organic expression, resulting from the West sun rise control. The program was organized according to the different floors of the building.
The entrance floor, deployed on the highest level of the terrain, extends the public space, inviting people to get in the institution enclosure. In the entrance plateau there is the access to the social center facility and to the coffeeshop available to the community. Two former tanks will be rebuilt in the entrance plateau. Children courtyard set at the lower level, can be seen from the entrance area. The back façade is characterized by long balconies open to the Chiado hill and Tagus River.
Promotor Assistência Paroquial de Santos-o-Velho
Arquitetura Paulo Tormenta Pinto
Colaboração Rosa Maria Bastos, Ivone Gonçalves, Pedro Baptista Coelho, Gonçalo Oom, Hugo Oliveira, Maria de Novais, Bernardo Gaspar Vicente
Estrutura Miguel Villar/ BETAR, Lda
Hidráulica Andreia Cardoso/ BETAR, Lda
AVAC Galvão Teles
Eletricidade, Comunicações e Segurança Contra Incêndio Rúben Sobral
Paisagismo João Nunes/ PROAP, Lda
Projeto/ Construção 2011 / —
Localização Lisboa
Fotografias (renders) Maria de Novais