The intervention comprehends a structuring axis to access the city of Tomar., constituído pela Av. Condestável – Dom Nuno Álvares Pereira e Rua Torres Pinheiro This axis, about 830 meters long, is oriented in southeast/Northwest direction, and is located in the right riverbank of Nabão river.
The proposition provides the unicity of the area, stablishing details, and interventions criteriums to all the work tasks. The base concept is supported in the definition of continuous longitudinal alignments, that take part of the road corridor reduction, that will be have 6,50m, with to traffic lines in opposite directions. This reduction will allow enlarging the pedestrian paths.
Pedestrian paths will be a continuous pavement, built with a permeable concrete composition. The cycle alignments and the parking areas will be built in limestone. The parking areas will be interspersed with birch tree plantations, which will have the double function of improving the environment efficiency and urban scenario.
Promotor Municipality of Tomar
Architecture Paulo Tormenta Pinto
Collaboration Rosa Maria Bastos, João Maria Costa
Hydraulic Andreia Cardoso e Rita Duarte / BETAR, Lda
Electricity Rúben Sobral
Plantation and Sowing Mónica Farina
Road infrastrutre Pedro Reis/Engimind
Project/Construction 2017 / ___
Construction Company Carlos Gil – Obras Públicas, Lda
Construction Supervision Rui Reis
Location Tomar
Photography Nuno Almendra